Sunday, 28 February 2010

3ds max depth of field and glow

Experimenting with mental ray depth of field and a subtle glow effect on my bulbs.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Will Fisher Architecture

Some great work from a good friend of mine, Will Fisher.

Thursday, 25 February 2010


‘Redefining traditions of visual communication.’

For my 3rd year dissertation I explored new ways of representing and communicating architecture and focused on the visualisation and film studio Squint/Opera. Their unique style allows architecture to become more accessible and fun, as well as informative and concise. With a strong sense of narrative their films take the viewer on an exciting journey of discovery through the architecture before it even built. I was lucky to get the oppertunity to visit their Studio in December 2009 and talk with director Ollie Alsop about their work.

One of my favourite films has to be Plan Abu Dhabi 2030. Throughout the film animated illustrations explain various elements in a map form whilst the camera moves through the different spaces showing detailed realistic renderings and human interaction occasionally mixed with live action in a cross-sectional viewpoint. Shifts in scale allow the viewer to understand the various elements in relation to the whole. Not only does this film graphically explain everything about the proposed design, but allows the viewer to see and realistically experience what the spaces will look like from a grand scale, to an individual scale.

Paul Nicholls Blog

Some amazing architectural work from Paul Nicholls, Bartlett, Unit 15.

Architecture Year 3 - Unit C - Semester 2 - New York

Our new site for 2nd semester's project is 339 Lafayette Street, New York, home of the 'Peace Pentagon' which contains offices to many peace activists. Our first project was to dress up as someone from our last project (The waterLab) so i decided to dress up in a wetsuit, seeing as the world is now flooded (in 2048). I donned the wetsuit and pranced around the site, getting many funny looks and horns beeping at me whilst trying to maintain a straight face. After lots of photographs, we had to edit them to show us interacting with the site in the new environment. Again, looking at flooding, i tried to capture the atmosphere and relentless rain within this flooded world.

3ds max bulbs

An exercise on 3ds max to create bulbs.


Just a few random Interiors created in 3ds max and Photoshop.

Ecological Sci-fi - The Drowned World

I created these three images inspired by J.G.Ballard's The Drowned World.


Architecture Year 3 - Unit C - Semester 1 - WaterLab

The WaterLab project looks at the impact that a major permanent flood that strikes London in 2048. It responds to this disaster by collecting rainwater, which has become more frequent due to London’s new tropical climate. Photovoltaic funnels cover the giant wavy mega structure harvesting the rain and sunlight that hits it. While the water goes through a complex filtration system, the sunlight becomes a renewable energy source which powers the electrical workings of the structure. These two resources are then available for the diminished population of London that are trying to survive. The water will help rehydrate as well as provide nutrition for the public.

My Casio Watch - 3ds max

A little project to see if i could model my watch in 3ds max.

Battersea BFI

Architecture Year 2 - Unit G

Year 2 project site was Battersea Powerstation and we were given quite a lot of freedom to design anything we wanted, but had to become a transport hub of some sort. My personal brief was to also create a new British Film Institute.

Before he died, Anthony Minghella an English Film Director often spoke about a new public home for the BFI even though the original Southbank building had a £6m renovation. Minghella claimed this to be a 'testbed' for greater things. Cramped under the Waterloo Bridge, I decided to give it a new home, giving it a prominent space for the public to explore and enjoy. Here are some images from the project.