Friday, 19 March 2010

M2SW Hunter

(Developed from J.G Ballard’s post-apocalyptic science fiction novel ‘The Drowned World’)

New York has flooded and it has turned tropical. A vast majority of the population has either died or gone elsewhere to seek refuge. But some have stayed. Evolution is increasing rapidly and various animal and plant life are beginning to change. One noticeable change is the iguana. It has grown, become more aggressive and is threatening what communities New York has left.

The M2SW Hunter 01 SG FX3500 series is one of four deployable aqua machines that are housed within my project's building. It is capable of cruising like a boat, as well as submerging like a submarine. It is equipped with two tranquilliser guns and tracking technology and it's primary objective is to seek and hunt for the giant iguana. Once captured it returns back to base where the iguana is processed for meat.

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