Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Year 3 Semester 2- [Sci Fi] - Manhattan Spiritual Sanctuary of Worship [M2SW]

After reading my chosen Ecological Sci Fi novel - ‘The Drowned World’ last semester I chose to carry on with some of the themes within the book. It is 2048, New York has flooded and it has turned tropical. A vast majority of the population has either died or gone elsewhere to seek refuge. But some have stayed. Evolution is increasing rapidly and various animal and plant life are beginning to change. One noticeable change is the iguana. It has grown, become more aggressive and is threatening what communities New York has left. This idea of the iguana becoming more powerful and more dominant than man is what inspired me to follow the direction I have.

Design Brief:
The design brief for Semester two is titled ‘Manhattan Sanctuary of Spiritual Worship.’ It is a place of worship and hope for the New Yorkers who are living amidst the new Ecological disaster.
The sanctuary design will not be a church or temple as we currently know them, nor will it practice religions or traditional rituals as they once existed in 2010. It will be a place of collective worship in which a group of a maximum of 100 people can congregate.

Personal Brief:
As a place of hope or worship, M2SW will become a building that celebrates life, by sacrificing the Giant Iguana. With such an overpopulation of the beasts and with limited food supplies for the remaining survivors of New York, killing them will be beneficial because:

1) Food will be frequently available.
2) A dangerous creature will be removed from society.

Food is a solid substance that provides nutrition and energy for the body to keep it alive. Without food we cannot live. This act of sacrifice will remove the evil from the world, as well as give life to those trying to survive. The building will become a hunter, sending out various hunter robots to capture the iguana. They will be brought back where they will be ceremonially sacrificed. They are then taken into the abattoir where they are processed for human communal consumption.

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