Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The 3rd Arm - A rediscovered first year project

The 3rd arm was created by myself and William Fisher in our first year at Oxford Brookes. It was created from an old lamp, science lab clamp and a few bits of metal we found laying about. We made a harness which sat comfortably around the shoulders and chest. We also sewed a third arm to a jumper giving us a fashionable style whilst we wear the equipment. The idea was to have a spare hand to hold something whilst the other two (the real ones) were busy with something else. That's pretty much it really.

M2SW hydraulic Hunter Arm

When one of the M2SW Hunters collects a giant iguana it heads back to base. The building is approx three meters above the water level so getting the iguanas in would be a hard task.
Following on with the mechanical quality i hope to achieve in my project i propose a series of hydraulic arms that hang from the building. A grabbing claw at the end of the arm will fit snugly into the recess at the central part of the M2SW Hunter. Once locked in, the arm will raise up and under the building where the iguana entrance will be. The iguana is stunned and removed and the M2SW Hunter is placed back into the water where it begins its journey once again.

Friday, 19 March 2010

M2SW Hunter

(Developed from J.G Ballard’s post-apocalyptic science fiction novel ‘The Drowned World’)

New York has flooded and it has turned tropical. A vast majority of the population has either died or gone elsewhere to seek refuge. But some have stayed. Evolution is increasing rapidly and various animal and plant life are beginning to change. One noticeable change is the iguana. It has grown, become more aggressive and is threatening what communities New York has left.

The M2SW Hunter 01 SG FX3500 series is one of four deployable aqua machines that are housed within my project's building. It is capable of cruising like a boat, as well as submerging like a submarine. It is equipped with two tranquilliser guns and tracking technology and it's primary objective is to seek and hunt for the giant iguana. Once captured it returns back to base where the iguana is processed for meat.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Tensegrity Model Making

This model was inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s theory of ‘Tensegrity’ or tensional integrity which is a property of structures with an integrity based on a balance between tension and compression components. It differs from the classic Tensegrity models as the compression and tension components are joined at both ends, creating their own individual element. Three of these elements are connected, and are again connected with other groups of three creating hexagons. These hexagons are then connected to other hexagons. All connections are based on the compression component attaching to the tension component of another element and when compression is applied to various compression components the structure is forced into a form. The tension elements are pulled tight, forming a very strong and adaptive structure which could be used as a skin, or as a primary structure.
(Photos by Ben Northover)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Storm Surge

A Photoshop image i created looking at Storm Surges and the impact it would have on my new project's site.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Public Sculpture

I made this sculpture, inspired by the formers of a plane fuselage as part of my 2nd year architecture degree. Constructed in wood, I created a winged form and sat it in a concrete foundation.