Monday, 12 April 2010

Building Test render

This is the buiding so far. Continuing with the tensegrity exploration i've tried to create a stucture suspended from four main structural columns as these incorporate tension and compression. The building rests on these elements as well as being suspended by cables (not actually seen here yet, forgot to add them) so that the building is held up by four points under the hunter stations. The structural columns are then held in up via tension cables which are connexted to the ground. The building does not touch the neighbouring building to the right at all.
Overall i wanted the building to be quite rusty, and mechanical with an industrial feel, as if you can see how it functions.
The majority of the exterior modeling is complete apart from the boat pontoons under the buidling and the thawt tidal turbines that will be under the water. I am going to start to put the building into context and make it look more real.

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