Sunday, 25 April 2010

Mechanical spiders underwater

The concept of these is still in a primitive stage. But what i am proposing is that these spider drones(lots of them! like 50 (maybe more - hundreds?) are scattered all round the city, maybe working in pairs or more. They have the ability to swim as well as crawl into deserted buildings. They then seek out iguana in abandoned rooms of hotels, offices and apartments and notify the hunter by sending it a signal so that the hunter knows where iguana are situated. The spiders can then force out the iguana by probing it or generally scaring it from its nest. It will then escape and dive into the flood water where the hunter will be ready waiting. The two machines work together as a team, both being able to do different things. The drones could also act as a survivor locator, seeking out people and seeing where they live to keep a count on human population. They can also be general eyes on the city. Mobile CCTV bots?
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